Our mission is to innovate, to reinvent ourselves... to create berry varieties with a unique signature taste that meet the needs of producers and consumers.

A century-old passion

Marionnet Label is a story of plant enthusiasts, more particularly of berries, which began in 1891 in Sologne with Mr. Marionnet, a nurseryman and the creator of CRIV. The journey continues with the addition of AGRO BERRY TECHNOLOGY, a start-up company in varietal selection based in the Bouches-du-Rhône since 2019.

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Marionnet Label - The CRIV


The Centre de Recherche et d'Innovation Végétale (CRIV) is the breeding company of emblematic varieties such as Mara des Bois, Mariguette®, Magnum® for strawberries and Paris and Versailles for raspberries. Its know-how lies above all in its genetic inheritance resulting from an acute sense of selection and the experience of Laurent Chausset, our breeder and prior to him was his father, Daniel. Intuitive, curious, their insatiable quest has led them during 2 generations to gather a pool of an ideal diversity because representative. With committed programs, the CRIV team hybridizes and produces thousands of seedlings each season in climatic conditions known as "Northern Europe" to keep only the material closest to the targeted ideotypes. In May 2021, we decided to build a new R&D facility in Soings-en-Sologne on nearly 28 hectares, with multi-climatic phenotyping greenhouses, nuclear stock maintenance and a state-of-the-art vitro plant laboratory.


The Agro Berry Technology (ABT) site was recently built in 2019 on an 11-hectare plot of land in Saint-Andiol, France, in the heart of an agricultural area known for its Mediterranean weather conditions. Conceived by Julien Moreau and his team, the project was born 2 years ago with a strong conviction: to provide breeders with tools to help them be more responsive and launch varieties more quickly! Julien, breeder himself for 20 years, surrounded himself with experts in molecular biology, agriculture and computer science, to correlate genotypic characteristics and morphological observations in greenhouses.

Marionnet Label - ABT Greenhouse

To better meet the needs of tomorrow by associating CRIV and ABT to create Marionnet Label.

Our values

They are the main qualities we want to embody in our daily lives. They represent our DNA, who we are, what we do and how we do them.


We innovate while respecting scientific codes and striving for excellence under all circumstances.


We challenge our achievements, question our convictions, and remain open to opinions, even if they differ.


We have that touch of madness that allows us to go beyond the expection and have more and more fun.


We exchange with the scientific community to mutually enrich each other and exceed expectations.


We do our utmost to ensure that each variety promotes an increasingly sustainable and responsible culture.